Musical workshops

Musical workshops

The Syrena Theater invites you to a one-of-a-kind four-week music workshop entitled "Summer hot streets" according to the author's program of the outstanding singer and educator Anna Serafińska. Start July 7, 2014 !! The series of meetings will end with a concert on the large stage of the Syrena Theater on August 7, 2014.


In the era of creating a colorful package, not a good musical product, in the era of temporary careers and one-seasoned television stars, the show needs a return to the roots in music. To answer the question - what is music for me? The way to make money? For a superficial change of image? To gain popularity measured by clicks "I like it"? How do you see yourself in the art I create, how to consciously grow up to live with music, how to change my attitude to it, to function with it in perfect harmony? Answers to these and other questions will be given to you by Anna Serafińska, who runs "Summer Hot Streets", a laureate of the prestigious international competition for jazz vocalists at the Montreux Jazz Festival and winner of many other awards. "Gadu Gadu" and "Groove Machine" albums.


I am looking for people who treat singing as a form of self-expression and can not, for various reasons, find answers to the issues that bother them - says Serafińska. - Just like many people wandering around this world, I am wondering why so few singers in our yard have the opportunity to impress an individual, strong mark on the musical map of the world in today's widely-opened modern society ... My dream has always been will try to have a small impact on changing this situation.


"Summer Hot Streets" is a project aimed at familiarizing participants with all stages of music production - from creating a concept through work on voice output, personality and own attitude to music until the final implementation of the whole premise on the stage at the meeting with the audience. The Syrena Theater, which has been one of Warsaw's musical scenes for years, is the perfect place to learn about how to do music not only with professionalism but also with passion, commitment and fulfillment.


Anna Serafińska plans to build a group composed of individuality, a strong own diversity. Meetings will take place every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of July from 10.00 to 14.00 and 15.30 to 19.00. Beginning 7 VII 2014. In order to take part in the workshop, it is necessary to send two recordings of your singing to the address on 15 June 2014 (a capella or accompaniment). The samples will be used by the artist to choose 20 people who will be part of the workshop group. Take a journey into yourself, find music there and come with us to the stage of the Syrena Theater!

The cost of workshops - PLN 1000 (12 full-day classes).

Learn how to sing and not get lost in singing! How to make a career and not be lost in it! How to sacrifice yourself to music, but still be yourself!

Information and registration: and tel. 22 101 16 15.

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