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Music Classes

Singing has a very positive influence on physical and mental functioning of our body. It not only oxygenates, enhances the vocal apparatus , but it relaxes , has a positive effect on our nervous system, so sometimes it has a therapeutic effect .


We invite EVERYBODY to our vocal classes. The offer is directed to children, adolescents and adults of all ages who love singing and music-making, seek effective ways of working with the voice and new challenges. Those who are ashamed of their voice or feel they lack the hearing or talent, those who have never had the courage to sing and always dreamed to stand in front of a microphone will also find our classes interesting and gripping.


We offer:

1. Individual and group singing lessons – the activities we undertake are the following

  • teach MIX technique - which is a technique that can be applied to any style of singing. It gives singers the capability to perform with a smooth, strong, balanced and continuous sound, from the bottom to the top of their vocal register, typically with a range that extends far beyond where they began.
  • teach how to prepare and relax your body , get rid of any tension in the head and neck - which is the basis for sound of voice
  • teach relaxation exercises of the organs of speech
  • teach how to maintain the proper posture and how to breathe while singing 5. teach how to run the diaphragm
  • teach how to improve articulation and diction
  • teach intonation exercises
  • teach how to work with the song

2. Singing with a microphone, preparation for singing competitions and "talent shows".

3. Individual piano – during these classes we teach students the foundations of music notation, rhythm, ear-training and piano playing using fun and interactive activities.
Except learning beginner note reading and beginner piano rhythm, we learn piano technique. Once a solid technical foundation has been built, we then explore the different piano genres available to a piano player like contemporary or classical tunes and songs.

The whole purpose of our piano lesson is to make sure that the process of learning is fun and easy for students, based on the most practical and popular methods.

Besides learning piano is a great brain food:

  • boosts self-esteem
  • increases coordination
  • increases capacity of memory
  • increases hearing awareness
  • refines discipline and patience
  • betters mathematical ability
  • sharpens concentration
  • makes us smarter

4. Group workshops, music and movement workshops with music from all over the world called "Musical trip around the World" - a series of classes for children starting at the age of 3, so that they become familiar with the sounds of different instruments, rhythms and dance elements characteristic of the music of Asia, South America, Europe, Africa . Each of the activities is carried out with the use of music from CDs, instruments and other stuff - scarves, bags, wheels and mats. Thanks to these the basic aims and objectives of the music school education are achieved - including differentiation and growth rates, moving in rhythm to rhythmical accompaniment, tone recognition of instruments, responding to conventional musical signals, determining the mood of the song, the skills to assess whether the children like or do not like a melody or a song.

5. Every music classes are adapted to the needs and interests of each student - both pre-school and adult.

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